Let’s skip straight to the res, you are wondering what this blog is and whether it is worth reading. Let me answer the easier question first — this is a long-form humorous almost-non-fiction blog. The articles cut a wide swath, ranging from abstract emotions like FOMO to tangibles like my radiator, but they all share one commonality: they are funny (or at least are trying to be; which can be equally hilarious, although for very different reasons).

Now onto to the more difficult question — why should you read this blog? And I thought about this question a lot and in the end decided that while there are many possible reasons I could give — each one more egotistic than the last — I really shouldn’t be the one answering that question. It is up to you as a reader to see whether you feel a connection, any resonance with my writing. If you do, please stick around, I intend to write regularly, and post every 3 weeks. You can subscribe to email updates below, and thanks for stopping by.

PS: If you’re still on the fence allow me to give you a slight nudge towards about the blog’s noble mission.

Cover image by Arjun Narayen.


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